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A UUA Congregation
 in the historic 1739 First Meetinghouse
welcoming people of all faiths and children!
Bernardston Unitarian church

Served by ministers Albert Ciarcia and Steve Wilson,
  Music coordinator,Beverly Phelps,
RE and childcare

Boat Dedication collage

Nix and MacIntire at Bernardston Unitarian on Sunday
Big time banjos at the Bernardston Unitarian Church
this Sunday, Jan. 27 at 11:30 AM.
A Scottish Ceilidh (Celebration) honoring Poet Robert Burns
and the music of Ray MacIntire with fellow musicians
Michael Nix and the Fall Town String Band.

Don't miss this coming together of the Valley's best banjo players.
A unique and sure to be memorable event!
This is a free event honoring Ray MacIntire

Experience Unitarian Warmth
There's always something happening at
the Bernardston Unitarian Church

Poetry by Nick Fleck
A history of the church from the 1600's
Minister's page
Honoring our Elders Over Eighty 

Bernardston Unitarian Declaration of Fellowship:
We unite to affirm
that love is the spirit of this church
and service it's mission.
This is our great covenant:
To dwell together in peace,
To seek knowledge in freedom,
To give service to humanity.

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