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A UUA Congregation
in the historic 1739 First Meetinghouse
welcoming people of all faiths and children!

Served by Rev. Albert Ciarcia,
Rev Steve Wilson and Eric Wasileski,
Coffee at 11:00 ~ Service at 11:30
First Sundays Eric Wasileski
Second Sundays Rev. Al Ciarcia
Third and Fifth Sundays "Special Programs"
Fourth Sundays Rev. Steve Wilson
Music: Lynne Walker

Current Information about the Shelter: Dreams of Home Event Click Here

May Newsletter Click Here

Sundays- 11:30 am - Coffee Hour at 11

May 1- Eric Wasileski, Pastor  leads the service and hosts first Sunday pot luck luncheon  - Children's Activities during the sermon  11am Coffee Hour, 11:30 Service

May 8 Rev. Albert Ciarcia - 11 am Coffee Hour,  11:30 Service  Sermon:  IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF IT. Comment:  "Those are old Biblical words that mean a lot more today than they did over 2,000 years ago.  A spiritual polarity exists with which we must live, and it can break our hearts, if we don't find a way to stay whole."

SATURDAY MAY 14 - Don't miss our special Spring Event!   "Shelter: Dreams of Home"  
see schedule of events 11am - 8pm, workshops, kids art, art exhibit opening, poetry, and music.
Upcoming Event: Shelter Dreams of Home Program Description click here  

May 15  - Gay Pride, Rights and Diagnoses? Topic/Description:  Forty years ago, homosexuality was removed from being classified as a mental illness.  Today we hear the nuances of that moment and a bit of the history of how riots led to rights.

Saturday May 21 - 10am-noon We are hosting a Mt. Grace Land Trust workshop on Land Preservation and Estate Planning

May 22  2:00 pm- Please note change in time for our special program  "Historic Maps of Bernardston"  presented by  Dave Allen and  sponsored by Bernardston Cultural Council More Info Click Here

May 29- Memorial Day  - No Service

June 5 - Church Picnic luncheon after the service with Eric Wasileski at 11:30. Coffee hour at 11am.

April Wednesdays continue our lively arts workshops with congenial folks. Bring your own supplies and join us 9:30-noon - then voluntary lunch at Antonio's, 4 Leaf, or Queen of Cups. --------------------------------------------------------------------
This is Louise with Caryl after an amazing presentation. Boy can she make history come alive! If you missed the talk, you can still view Louise Minks' southwest historical paintings through the next few weeks. The paintings describe the only successful Native American rebellion.
Link to Louise's Website

Wed. Art group continues to meet weather permitting. Leni makes the call. 498-5054 Questions about programs or building - contact Annette at 413-330-0807

Found Sounds Drum Workshops Thursdays at 6 - to participate contact Ellen Clegg at

Contact Steve if you have a pastoral need or would like a visit.- 617-852-2292


DVAA & our Meetinghouse Artists get a special tour with Sen. Stan Rosenberg

Meetinghouse artists at the State House with Sen. Rosenberg

Regular Schedule:
First Sun. Eric Wasileski presides over the service and pot luck luncheons. Children's activities during the service.
Second Sun. Rev. Albert Ciarcia
Third Sun. Rev. Steve Wilson
Fourth and Fifth Sun. Arts and Activism,
check the web for music, speaker,discussion or activities.
Lynne Walker will continue to provide music each Sunday
Open Art Workshops on Wednesday mornings, 9:30-noon.

Shelter; Dreams of Home
The subject of the exhibition is "HOME"
and all that the word evokes
in our hearts, minds, and senses.
The Art Exhibition will accompany a free community event to be held May 14, 2011 from 11am-8pm.

The "SHELTER : Dreams of Home Event" will include a panel of professionals speaking about
housing, getting a home, keeping a home and related issues.
The Opening Reception to celebrate the artists will be from 3-5 pm on the 14th followed by The Walter Mittys Band from 5- 8pm.

river view

thanks to all who participated!

Click Here Spring Water Event 2009 for the photo page.

Dan Esty

Keynote speaker Daniel Esty author of "Green to Gold"
Yale Professor and advisor to Pres. Obama

river view
Al and Jane

Photos of Al's 15 years with the Bernardston Unitarians celebration!

Eric and Steve

Welcome Eric Wasileski

Australian Send-off for Rev. Steve Wilson
Party Pictures

David Korten at the Bernardston Unitarian Church Thanks to David Korten
progressive visionary author
Speaking about creating a positive future
David Korten's blog
The Great Turning website
Thanks to the sponsors and contributors for their generous support!

Dr Robert Sidorsky Ultimate Peace
Saturday April 10, 2009
Robert and Linda Sidorsky have been doing their part to bring peace to the Middle East by facilitating Ultimate Frisbee games between Palestinian and Isreali youth. Dr. Robert Sidorsky spoke about this exciting venture as part of the Great Decisions discussion. Pictures & More Info

Thanks to Becca deBeauport for her beautiful music at the art festival and the wine tasting
Thanks so much to Abbie Jenks for sharing her Peace Studies journey with us

and to Robin Lane, Diana Roberts and Emmy Peyton for beautiful offerings of music

~ Peace Mantra for the month:
"To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance." -Buddha

Stay tuned for special events.

Experience Unitarian Warmth
There's always something happening at
the Bernardston Unitarian Church

Find Us - Directions
Poetry by Nick Fleck
A history of the church from the 1600's
Minister's page
Honoring our Elders Over Eighty 

Bernardston Unitarian Declaration of Fellowship:
We unite to affirm
that love is the spirit of this church
and service it's mission.
This is our great covenant:
To dwell together in peace,
To seek knowledge in freedom,
To give service to humanity.

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