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December Calendar

Dec. 4th  
Steve Wilson
Topic ~ UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM: Set Up for Success and Destined for Difficulty?- This service looks objectively at our beloved denomination from the perspective of a Television news program.  Via talking heads, historians, and then myself where we are and the challenges of making it real come to life.  

Dec. 11th   
Rev. Albert Ciarcia
Topic ~ “UNCHANGEABLE/UNCHANGING"  What is it?  How does each of us fit into this two-word New Year's Day prescription?

Dec. 18th
Steve Wilson
Topic ~ Just Enough or The Right Amount of X-Mas:  Christmas with all its pomp, circumstance, and transcendence can make the celebrant dizzy.  But when one views honestly  the darkness that prompts it, we still know it is the season for the heart to stretch.  This sermon includes a story to make your inner adult feel renewed.

Unfortunately, due to a fire at the organizer's home, Christmas Eve service has been cancelled. Please, join us at our regular time on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2006. Coffee hour at 11:00 and Service at 11:30.