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Experience UU Warmth!

Always something good happening at

Bernardston Unitarian Church


Jan. 6th Steve Wilson 30 Years from Now- A look to the Future

This sermon, as if we were playing a board game explores what futurists see coming, asks how reliable their forecasts are, and the emotional responses and moral consequences ahead.

Jan. 13th Al Ciarcia A Frame of Mind

Jan 19 10-12 Saturday Discussion Group – Planning for “World Community” David Korten visit and Great Decisions 2008 - speakers and televising our sessions.

Jan. 20th Steve Wilson The Way to Be Attitudes

The Beatitudes, the “blessed are the….’s” delivered in one gospel on a mountain another in a valley are among Jesus most beloved and timeless statements. Set in a see of other statements from Moses to Buddha, this sermon explores these shocking statements and what they might mean for us today.

Jan. 27th A Robert Burns Scottish Celebration! Read a poem, eat a scone, hear some special music! Fall Town String Band with special banjo player Ray MacIntire.

Children's Moment and Children's Room activities during Sunday Services.

Check out our web site for other scheduled meetings yet to be arranged for the new year ~ Women's and Men's Groups and Belly-dancing classes. There is also interest in forming a YOGA class. Please let us know if this interests you and what type of YOGA would be preferred.

~Soulful Sundown ~

Starting in March we are looking to shift our fourth Sunday services to a later time in the day- 4pm-ish and try something a little more contemporary, a little more off-beat, with guest musicians and more voices. Keep your ears peeled and share with Steve and Annette your ideas for Soulful Sundown events.

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Bernardston Unitarian church

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