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Holding conversations and sharing stories to turn the human course...

Navigating the Great Turning

TGT BookThis is a defining moment in history, and in each of our lives: an opportunity, and a calling, to be part Agenda Coverof an extraordinary movement toward a life-sustaining global community - the Great Turning.

This web site is a place for "navigators," people from all walks of life, who have connected with the messages in David Korten's books, The Great Turning:  From Empire to Earth Community and Agenda for a New Economy, and decided to do what they can to, as our friend Raffi would say, "Turn This World Around!" (Turn up speakers and enjoy!)

  • LEARN: How might we think and talk about The Great Turning?

This site was developed by the People-Centererd Development Forum, in response to David Korten's book, "The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community," and to his latest work, "Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth."  You'll find David's reflections on the importance of "story" and other writings in the Library and throughout the site, along with those of others, like Joanna Macy, who inspire us.

    • SHARE: What can we learn from each other?

    You are invited to share stories of your personal journeys with the Great Turning, your experiences convening conversations and developing workshops, your ideas and dreams. We will continue to share what we learn, as well, on a blog or two.

    • CONNECT: Who will be friends, partners and collaborators?

    Through this site, we hope to strengthen relationships and witness the coming together of great hearts and minds for the common good. Post comments, reach out to others who share your interests, invite others to this site and sign up for our e-newsletter!

    • ACT: What are we called to do, to engage others in the Great Turning?

    Here, we encourage leadership and provide tools and resources to support your work. Check out workshops, discussion guides and links to partners, including YES! Magazine and the Postive Futures Network.

    And...we've chosen Drupal as the platform for this web site, for it's interactivity and adaptability. (We plan to enable more discussion features in the next phase.) Please let us know what you find useful and how we can make it better by sending Comments or by using this Contact form.