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Upcoming Sunday Services

April 2nd Earth Daze : Steve Wilson

Steve, in his infinite creativity has renamed this sermon Learning the New Math, Another Bloody Earth Day Sermon: We want to care, think and know the environment is important. Come explore what is behind our difficulty getting green. Earth Day is used as a platform to explore how and why change is difficult.

April 9th “ Other Dimensions” : Rev. Albert Ciarcia

The sermon will center on a subject of extreme interest to Unitarian Universalists and others who may wish to broaden their view of our religion.

April 16 Easter Sunday 0030 : Steve Wilson

This service is designed as a step back in time to the Sunday in Passover Jerusalem when Jesus is discovered missing. In it we listen, again, to the diversity of the gospel accounts of the tomb scene and asks with all our critical faculty intact, “just what happened?”

April 23: Arts & Activism 4th Sunday ~ this Sunday: MUSIC!

Special Pioneer Valley Institute Historical Music Program at 4:00 pm featuring The Fall Town String Band. Come enjoy the toe tapping traditional music of Ed Phelps and friends in the first meeting house, an antique treasure in Bernardston.


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